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Introduction top

Wolverhampton Homes Limited is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) established in 2005 which manages approximately 23,500 properties on behalf of Wolverhampton City Council. In 2010 we were awarded the maximum 3 star rating by the Audit Commission who stated in their report that: "Wolverhampton Homes' approach to value for money is very strong and has delivered a range of savings and service improvements."

Providing people focused, excellent services and good quality housing according to individual needs and choices wherever possible

Being the landlord of choice in Wolverhampton and supporting sustainable communities

* Putting the customer first
* Working together
* Being progressive and inspirational
* Embracing learning

Organisation Details top

Organisation Name: Wolverhampton Homes
Address: Hickman Avenue
Chillington Fields
Town: Wolverhampton
PostCode: WV1 2BY
URL: http://www.wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk

Contact(s) Details top

Given Name:    Gemma
Surname:    Penn
Position:    Procurement Officer
Address:    Hickman Avenue Chillington Fields
Town:    Wolverhampton
Post Code:    WV1 2BY
Country:    UK
Phone:    01902 555707
Email:    gemma.penn@wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk
Type of Contracting Authority:    ALMO

Given Name:    Mark
Surname:    Terry
Position:    Corporate Procurement Manager
Address:    Hickman Avenue Chillington Fields
Town:    Wolverhampton
Post Code:    WV1 2BY
Country:    UK
Phone:    01902 551021
Fax:    01902 554731
Email:    mark.terry@wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk
Type of Contracting Authority:    ALMO

Given Name:    Sharon
Surname:    Weston
Position:    Contract Monitoring Officer
Address:    Hickman Avenue Chillington Fields
Town:    Wolverhampton
Post Code:    WV1 2BY
Phone:    01902 554766
Fax:    01902 554731
Email:    sharon.weston@wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk
Type of Contracting Authority:    ALMO

Purchase Plans top

- Description of scheduled purchases, plans, policy and practices.

Procurement Plan

The following is a list of the main contracting areas for Wolverhampton Homes.

Capital Works, Regeneration and Development, Repairs & Maintenance, Asset Management
Debt Collection e.g. Rent Arrears / Sundry
Stores Provision
Scaffolding Services
Drainage Services
Waste Management: incorporating Collection, Disposal, Recycling, Hazardous solutions
ICT & Communications incorporating Hardware, Software, Mobile Telecommunications, Photocopiers
Grounds Maintenance
Fire Alarm / Appliance Repair and Maintenance Services,
Lift Maintenance and Repair
Legal Services
Gas Services
Training & Development
Uniforms and Officewear
Office Equipment & Supplies,
Occupational Health Services
Print & Associated Services
Professional Services including Auditing

We will either contract directly with suppliers for these services or through shared contracts with our colleagues at Wolverhampton City Council and other Local / Central Government organisations (see Purchasing / Procurement Practices)

We may also issue contracts for one-off or less frequently used goods and services.

Purchasing Policy/Procurement Policy

Wolverhampton Homes has a Procurement Strategy and Procurement Manual that supports the Council's contract standing orders and ensures that all contracts meet our legal obligations as well as following 'best practice'. As part of our tendering process we expect our suppliers to satisfy a range of requirements specific to the type of work being tendered. For construction related work this is likely to include demonstrating accreditation under the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) or an equivalent Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP).
We have now decided to use an electronic sourcing system to support our procurement work. This will include advertising opportunities (including 'Find it in Wolverhampton') and running tender exercises. Pre-registration with Constructionline, Skills Development Recognition (SDR) or BiP Solutions Select Certify may reduce the time taken to pre-qualify for opportunities although additional pre-qualification requirements (such as Health & Safety accreditations) may be required.

Purchasing Practices/Procurement Procedures

Wolverhampton Homes always aims to ensure that the goods and services that we buy provide value for money and help to deliver savings to all parts of the organisation. These will then be used to maintain our current high standards of service in a time of budgetary restraint or to offer an improved range of services to our residents.

Wolverhampton Homes values the involvement of residents in the procurement process. Where possible we try to involve residents in specifying the goods or services needed and in the evaluation of potential suppliers during the competitive process.


Any potential suppliers interested in doing business with Wolverhampton Homes are required to register their company details within Delta eSourcing. Enter 'suppliers' and then 'e-tendering'. After initial registration, suppliers will be issued with a username and password to the Delta eSourcing site. If you have previously registered with Delta, log into Delta eSourcing using your existing username and password. Once you have accessed the site, click on the Select Certify tab to complete your supplier profile. You will need to complete the profile in full and then submit to the database, quoting the access code for the Wolverhampton Homes Contact List for Suppliers which is Z459W7DK6D. If you need support to complete your online registration, the Delta helpdesk will be pleased to assist.email: helpdesk@delta-esourcing.com or telephone number: 0845 2707050.

Any procedures carried out following the publication of a contract notice via OJEU or during an actual tender procedure, will have a response list number for each provision. The response list number will be stated in the Contract notice or advert. Your profile should be linked to the relevant response number - this then becomes your expression of interest/pre-qualification questionnaire which will be scored. It is highly recommended that you update your profile frequently as it is used at the pre-qualification stage.

Registration is not a guarantee that any contracts will be awarded to your company, it is however a pre-requisite for doing business with Wolverhampton Homes. Wolverhampton Homes only requests that you submit your profile at 'Certify' status, this service is Free of Charge.

Find it in Wolverhampton - http://www.finditinwolverhampton.co.uk
Non-eu threshold procedures, whether a tender procedures or a request for quotes may also be advertised in the Find It In Wolverhampton site. Register your details with the site to gain access to information about opportunities.

Contracts Finder - http://www.contractsfinder.businesslink. also gives details of business opportunities across Central and Local Government. You will need to register in order to access these.

Other organisations.

When looking for potential suppliers Wolverhampton Homes may consider contracts or framework agreements that have been let by other organisations such as:

Procurement for Housing (PfH), which is a social housing run organisation offering cost reductions through the negotiation of unit prices, and the streamlining of the purchasing function.

The Government Procurement Service (GPS, formerly the Office of Government Commerce) has a number of framework agreements and managed services.

Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) offers a variety of services and agreements, and also acts as a conduit for information available to members. The NHC is a non profit making and non political membership organisation.

Pro5 Group which is a collaboration of five professional buying organisations, Central Buying Consortium (CBC), Eastern Shires Purchasing Organsation (ESPO), North Eastern Purchasing Organisation (NEPO), West Mercia Supplies (WMS) and Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO)

Future Tenders/Planned Procurementstop

- Displays list of published Prior Information (PIN) Notices.

Current Tenders/Current Procurementstop

- Displays list of published current contract announcements, addendums, including cancellation notices.

Currently no contract information available.

Past Tenders/Awarded Procurementstop

- Displays list of published contract award announcements.

Currently no contract information available.

Other Informationtop

Currently no 'Other' information available.


Introduction |  Organisation Details  | Contact(s) Detail
Purchase Plans | Future Tenders/Planned Procurements | 
Current Tenders/Current Procurements
Past Tenders/Awarded Procurements  | Other Information